In A New Hilarious Advert David Beckham And Kevin Hart Are Seen Together

David Beckham is the world’s coolest sexiest man alive. You can't say else. It's just a fact.

He did everything he footballed, he spice-girled and now, well, he's all about the acting and the branding.

Kevin Hart is one of the funniest guy out there and we all love him. He has been in every comedy film that I can remember.

So why don’t we get the coolest sexiest man alive and mix it up with the funniest guy and see what happens and that what they did.

This H&M features David Beckham living it up in New York City as a sexy model with Kevin Hart following his every step in a bid to play Golden Balls in a Beckham biopic...

Take a look at this!


We don't know what you think but we thought that Kevin Hart played him to perfection could not have done it better.



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