Futures British School Security Guard RAPES 5 Children Ages 3-6 In Cairo Egypt

The Egyptian Ministry of Education launched an urgent investigation on Tuesday April 12, 2016 concerning

Futures British School located in the Nasr City District of Cairo.  The investigation concerns allegations made by several parents that an unnamed, 35-year old security guard had raped 5 children, including a child who was less than 3 ½ years old.

A Parent’s Concerns

On Thursday April 7, 2016, the parents of a male student became concerned when their son returned home from school crying and complaining of pain in the genital area.

In an exclusive statement made to ‘Egypt Today Newspaper’ the mother reports she assessed his body and found congestion and swelling on his penis and also found bites made by insects, which initially caused her to be unconcerned.  Later she would learn that the unidentified security guard placed insects on the victim’s penis to scare him into not talking during the act of raping him..

The mother also stated that her son woke up during the night screaming and complaining of anal pain, which she initially attributed to constipation.  However, she became increasingly concerned due to his scared and agitated state, which led her to question him about his day.  The boy, then, told her one of the school’s security guards had taken him to the storage room next to the theater where the guard stripped him naked and sexually abusing him.

She immediately took her son to Cairo’s ‘Helioplis Hospital’ where he was inspected by doctors who confirmed that the child had been sexually assaulted and wrote a complete medical report to that effect.

After leaving the hospital, the mother went directly to a police station in the area where the school is located and provided them with the hospital’s medical report.  The police went to the school and identified the security guard, who was immediately placed under arrest.

Allegations of an Attempted Cover Up.

According to the mother, the school’s administrative staff attempted to cover up the story, but by that point, the parents of 4 more children had made allegations at the police station that the same security guard had sexually abused their children.

The school attempted to negotiate a settlement with the parents that included refunding the school’s fees of 80 thousand pound, $9,000 in exchange for the parents dropping their complaint and removing their children from the school.  The parents refused and state they will not drop any charges.

The School Responds.

On April 9, 2016, the school’s administrators released a statement urging all parents of children at the school to remain calm, while also attempting to reassure them that their children were safe.  The statement also reported that the event was still being investigated and the school was taking all available measures to maintain the safety of the students and procedures.

Parents Organize Vigils to Demand Execution and Answers.

Parent organizers involved in Futures British School Association of Parents organized vigils in front of all 22 school branches in every province to not only demand the security guard be executed, but also that the school’s administration be investigated.  The proposed investigation would seek to find out why the administration had failed to ensure a supervisor or teacher is with all children accompanied by workers, as well investigate allegations that the school had threatened by parents by moving their children and removing their files from the school..

The Ministry of Education Investigates.

According to the head of international Ministry of Education Tarek Talaat, the ministry is investigating the authenticity of the information regarding the alleged incident. Noting in an exclusive statement to ‘Egyptian Today Newspaper’

That Dr. Hilali Sherbini, Minister of Education and Technical Education,

That the maximum legal action would be taken against the school if convicted of failing to protect the students, which could lead to the ministry pulling the license of all 22 schools.

Well all we can say is shame on you Futures British School.

We hope that the security guard and all people who should have been taking care of the children receive the maximum sentence.

We suggest doing the below to the security guard who raped those innocent children.


This is one of the posts on their website in their own words

Incase you would like to contact the school to give them a piece of your mind this is their contact information:

E-mail: Nadia Rashad.

Website: Futures British School

Facebook Page: Facebook - Futures British School

The British Council Egypt wrote on their official Facebook Page



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