Help Leonardo DiCaprio Land An Oscar In This Epic Video Game

It's being said everywhere that finally Leonardo DiCaprio will finally get an Oscar at the end of this month for his role in the movie The Revenant, (I personally think he should) but if you can’t wait for it you can help him and win him one yourself.

Thanks to animation collective The Line they released an 8-bit video game to honour Leo's Oscar struggle.

The 8-bit video game was created by Bjorn-Erik Aschim and Sam Taylor, we can’t thank you enough for this awesome game.

I'm sure as you can guess the game is called Leo's Red Carpet Rampage, you guide Leo across the red carpet and past a host of rivals and to the hallowed Oscar trophy.

The 8-bit video game includes great bonus games such as 'Act Harder' and 'Find The Black Nominee'. I don’t think I have to explain how that one goes.

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