Seth Rollins VS Sting At WWE Night Of Champions 2015


Sting is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time although he's had only one match with the WWE, the industry's leading promotion. Sting spent the bulk of his career at WWE's main competition, WCW. After WWE purchased WCW, fans everywhere assumed Sting would make the jump. Instead, he spent the next decade at the smaller and less prestigious TNA promotion. Sting's one WWE match came at this year's Wrestlemania, where he faced the company's COO, Triple H, in a losing effort.

Now Sting and Rollins are set to collide. In what is to be deemed a dream match, the man who alluded the WWE will go head-to-head with the latest chosen face of the brand. Their path will culminate at WWE's upcoming event Night of Champions.

At Summerslam, Rollins asked Triple H for a stipulation in his match. If he defeated John Cena for both the World Heavyweight Championship and the United States Championship, Rollins wanted a statue erected in his honor at WWE Headquarters. In an unexpected twist, John Stewart interfered in the contest and helped Rollins come away with the victory over the 15-time Champion. Rollins was set to receive his statue the following night on Monday Night Raw.




At the end of Raw, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon walked down to the ring for the ceremony.

They called out Rollins, who delivered an empowered speech about cementing his place among the legends. The curtain was drawn to show Rollins' statue, only to reveal…

Sting! After a brief bout with shock, Rollins charged the legendary wrestler. Sting got the better of the encounter, and tossed Rollins out of the ring. As the show closed,

Sting held up the World Heavyweight Championship. Without saying a word, Sting proclaimed his hopes to hold the title before his final curtain call.

He will get that chance on September 20. Sting will take on Rollins in a bout that nobody could have predicted. A fight that is sure to change the tides of the WWE forever.

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