Still 'The Times Of India' Is A Sexual Harasser In The Newspaper Form

The CatCallers Of India have been a while since they appeared and unnecessarily attacked a woman, but as you know fans of sexual harassment, do not despair they always come back.

Have a look at today’s story on the front page of New Delhi edition.

Yep you see that correct they are writing this on the topic of a hint of an upskirt.



Let's just have a quick recap on why the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was in India.
The Duchess of Cambridge was Paying Respects To Slain Indian Soldiers at the Amar Jawan Jyoti.

The Duchess of Cambridge was literally paying her tribute to the soldiers who died for defending India.

And, this is what The Times Of India put on the front page.



This is the world we live in now.



A world where when the wind blows a woman's skirt who is paying her respects gets more coverage than more important news stories that might just need some front-page attention.

And as usual some press get on this wave of trending story.

Well, all we can say is shame on you The Times Of India and wake up people there is more important things in this world that needs attention rather than a wave of wind.



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