This Is The Reason Why Olympians Bite Their Medals In Photos

As you have been watching the 2016 Olympics Games you may have noticed that almost all of the winners while being photographed they have been biting their medals and thought to yourself what is going on?

The reason behind it is that they're actually made entirely of chocolate.

Nope just kidding.

Actually they're not even made entirely of gold. This Year’s Olympics 2016 Gold Medal consists of 1.3%, or as you might understand more only 6 grams, of gold and the remaining 93% is silver and 6% copper.

So back to the point why are all the Olympians biting their medals ?

Well president of the International Society of Olympic Historians, David Wallechinsky, told CNN:

"It's become an obsession with the photographers.

"I think they look at it as an iconic shot, as something that you can probably sell.

"I don't think it's something athletes would probably do on their own."

It's not your random photo of an athlete standing there with their medal that’s your typical photo.

Photographers thought to takes things up a level and introduce a new photo pose that will probably sell more.

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