All you need to know about the trending travel vlogger Sam Mayfair

Sam Mayfair is a British travel vlogger; he has traveled to many parts of the world; however, he has been facing some difficulties due to the covid-19 travel restrictions in different parts of the world.

That has not stopped him from traveling; he proclaims his obsession with the pyramids in all of his social media accounts, where he posts photos and videos of the tours he has been to in the world.

Mayfair is a travel influencer and has joined social media to document his travels in late 2019; he has been to various parts of the world, exploring the adventures that come with natural and man-made beauty.

As mentioned earlier, he is on all social media accounts, and lately, he has been posting on his TikTok, where he has gotten in the last 3 month over 100 million views and 5 plus million likes making him appear among the top Tiktok influencer in his niche.

He created a YouTube vlog documenting all his travels on it as well at one of his trending videos is a 360 4k VR (Virtual Experience) at the Pyramids of Giza, Cairo Egypt.

He had been featured on among the top Social Media Accounts such as Unilad, Ladbible, Unilad Adventure, BViral, Minsitry of tourism in Egypt and many more.

All in one, Mayfair is a travel vlogger, TikTok influencer, Youtuber. He has inspired many people into embracing nature by the fun and educative content he posts on his YouTube channel, TikTok, Instagram, and even Facebook.

He is primarily interested in discovering the history and uniqueness behind the most special monuments and other historical sites in various parts of the world, from Paris to Africa.

Mayfair’s latest posts show that he has spent much time in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates; these are two countries with the most sites to explore. He explains in his videos how fun and educative it is to learn about the history of such sites and what they mean to the people around them and even the world at large. He has been influential to everyone who has been following his vlogs.


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If you want to get more of what he does around the world, you will find everything on his social media accounts. You can even; learn more from him on how you can enhance your traveling ability around the world and have fun.





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