First Ever Human Meat Restaurant In The World Has Opened In Tokyo (Japan)

First Ever Human Meat Restaurant In The World Has Opened In Tokyo (Japan)

The first ever Human Meat Restaurant has open in no other place than we all would expect Tokyo Japan.

The restaurant is the first in the world to legally offer Human meat.

The name of the restaurant is scary and gives you a good idea about the food they offer.

“The Resoto ototo no shoku ryohin”, which means in English “Edible Brother”,


The restaurant opened its doors to the Japanese public and to all gusts from all over the world a couple of days ago.

Where it offers its customers a varied menu where prices vary from 100 Euros up to 1000 Euros depending on what they are eating.

The dish that has human flesh is approximately $1,200.

It has been reported that the first customer to order the human flesh dish was a tourist from the country of Argentina, and was the first man to eat human flesh in the “Edible Brother” restaurant.


Since 2014, Japanese legislation allows the consumption of human flesh, although under certain conditions

And the question we all ask ourselves, how do they get the meat?

The people before dying decide to sell their bodies to the peculiar restaurant, approximately for about 30,000  Euros / 35,800 dollars, in pre-sale form, which will be paid in installments.

Factors that influence so that the ‘seller’ receives more for his body, is the state of health and, above all, the age, because if the ‘donor’ dies young, his family benefits by collecting the remaining money.

With the contract of sale, the donor undergoes a special medical treatment that prevents the deterioration of his body. It was specified that this human input can not come from a sacrifice, which is illegal in Japan.


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