16 Horribly Hilarious Sunburns That Will Make You Want To Slather On The SPF

1. If you're using roll on sunscreen, be sure to roll everywhere.

2. That is an EXTREME version of Neapolitan arm. Ouch!

3. What is a tank-top without sunscreen? A baaaaaad decision.

4. If you nap on the beach without sunscreen, you're gonna have a bad time.

5. If you must have tan lines, the Batman symbol is a pretty good choice.

6. Wears body paint for the day, has tiger stripes for the rest of the summer.

7. The sunburn face is trying to tell you something... wear sunscreen!

8. When you're so pale, the contrast between your sunburn and your un-burned skin makes it look like you're still wearing a shirt.

9. When you're painfully committed to a brand.

10. I'm guessing that wasn't the kind of definition the guy in the middle was trying to achieve.

11. He may have ended up with some silly tan lines, but his pants were secure. #worthit

12. What the heck was she wearing to end up with these sunburn lines?

13. When your tan lines are ACTUALLY tan lines.

14. When you're practicing bike safety, you may want to consider sun safety as well.

15. Applying sunscreen to your back is definitely a two man job.

16. Apparently brand commitment is a reoccurring theme?

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