19 People Taking Pictures Of More Than They Thought

The great thing about taking photos is it’s risk free. You have complete control over what you’re doing and if it doesn’t turn out as planned then you can just delete it. 

There’s no way that stuff ever makes it onto social media, we’re all far too aware of our surroundings….

Well, almost all. There are 7 billion of us in the world, something will always slip through the net…

1. Girlfriend eh? Still, some very impressive footwork…


3. That old traffic problem


5. Such a shame because it would have been a good selfie otherwise…

6. Free pick up? Might be sending the wrong message here.


8. Behind every hard man is his nan…

9. Quick, someone tag her parents.


11. At least one of them made the effort to get dressed for the photo…

12. So many traffic jams nowadays

13. When there is a creepy guy hiding in the cupboard

14. Hard to pull that hard man look off when your ass cheeks are out in the background.




Admittedly, the photographers in the last two photos knew what they were doing, but they are both too awesome not to share.



It’s always the right thing to do to finish on a cute baby and a grumpy cat.

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