19 Creepy Photos Of Nature Reclaiming What We Took From Her

1. Train tracks that see more tree than train these days

2. A ferris wheel fading into disuse

3. A building overtaken by blossom

4. A bridge to nowhere

5. A crumbling building

6. Sarajevo’s 1984 Olympic bobsled track

7. Abandoned Detroit houses that are being retaken by mother nature

8. Abandoned cars becoming occupied by grass

9. An old bathroom

10. This tower being reclaimed by the creepers

11. An old roller coaster that’s only thrilling nature now

12. A water slide that’s more like Tarzan’s treehouse now

13. An abandoned water park

14. A row of sunk ships lining the Bermuda Triangle

15. Chernobyl, abandoned since the nuclear disaster in 1986

16. A house succumbing to nature’s power

17. A mansion that’s only inhabited by nature now (and maybe ghosts)

18. A charming abandoned train

19. A railway in the early stages of nature’s takeover



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