Has An ‘Alien Humanoid’ Just Been Found In India?

Debate: The mysterious image has the internet engaged in a heated argument over whether or not it is real

This image appearing to show a man holding an alien-like humanoid has sparked a flurry of curiosity among experts and extraterrestrial enthusiasts.

The photo, which emerged on social media last night, claims to have been taken in Jodhpur, the second largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

Discovery: The find was made in the state of Rajasthan, when locals were fetching water from a well

It appears to show a man holding an alien which he saw while fetching water from a nearby well.

Since emerging online, the image has been shared widely on Facebook as sceptics and enthusiasts debate whether or not the image is the real deal.

The photo was taken on July 25, and shows a creature with four fingers and no thumb.

On YouTube, where the image has been shared, social media users are divided on what they make of the image.

Lince Jamie, who appeared to be convinced that the photo is real, just wrote: “Wow.”

Another user was not so convinced however, and said: “How FAKE do ya wana get!!??”

Do you think its real ?

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