Angry, Unbelievably Fast Hippo Chases Tourist On Speedboat

An angry hippo chasing after a fleeing tourist speedboat has been caught on camera in Kenya. Dicken Muchena, 27, was out on the lake with three of his friends filming when the hippo charged towards them, keeping up with the speedboat as they fled.

Muchena said:

We knew that the area was a harbour for hippos, and we wanted to set out to try and get some photos of them. As we were leaving, a huge, agitated hippo appeared from nowhere and charged at us, seemingly with savage motives.

Muchena said the animal charged them for at least four minutes.

Lake Victoria has a history of hippo attacks. Most recently, two children were mauled by a hippo on the lake’s shores while bathing last December, Capital News reported.

Hippos kill around 500 people each year in Africa, according to the BBC.

So how do hippos swim so fast?

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