These Girl’s Post A Photo On Social Media, Forgot About The MASSIVE Sex Toy Behind Them

This is actually petrifying. What do they do with it ?

WARNING: The following images may have you confused due to that we don’t know what they use it for it’s MASSIVE

Nowadays it doesn’t take that much of hard work to get something to go viral on the internet, a few shares and clicks will get the job done.
First I saw this photo I stright away knew whats going to happen and exactly where it was heading.

So here how the story goes, these two girls decided to take a photo to post on the internet and not noticing that behind them there was a monster in the photo.
What we mean by monster is, a MASSIVE double-ended fisting rubber sex toy hanging above them.

These Girl's Post A Photo On Social Media, Forgot About The MASSIVE Sex Toy Behind Them

Since the posting of it on Twitter, this photo pretty much has been the most topic talked about on Reddit and Imgur.
Getting up over 3 million views the amount of times this photo has been retweeted and shared I think I know every single pixel of that MASSIVE thing by now.
Let this be a lesson to all those who take photos or videos and post them on the internet without taking into consideration of the surroundings.
There is people who live and breathe on the internet and wait for moments like this.
They will find it and they will repost it !
Just to show you how our reaction was when we saw this for the first time:

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