They Told Him He Was Doing An Interview For A Book, But He Was In For A Big Surprise

This exactly what happens when you give a small business owner the surprise of his life that he never expected. Mr Avi Gandhi is a store owner from Levittown, Long Island.

But times are tough for him at the moment; he works every single day of the week and never takes a sick day off, forcing him to miss important life moments and events with his loving family, like when his wife battled cancer last year.

His sales are currently so love he can barely keep the store open to pay his own rent. Mr Avi fears he may have to close his beloved store some of Mr Avi’s neighbors decided to give him a big surprise. They called everyone and prepared a cash ob to surprise Mr Avi and show him how much he’s loved by all his neighbors. Mr Avi has no idea what’s brewing outside his store.



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