Man Found Huge Python Relaxing In His Toilet

A man got the fright of his life after finding a huge carpet python lurking inside his toilet bowl in Brisbane, Australia.

The snake was seen bathing in the toilet’s water with its body positioned in an ‘s’ shape after it slithered through an outdoor pipe.

Stewart Lalor from Brisbane Snake Catchers received an emergency call at around 6:45am on Saturday and drove to the Wynnum west family home within 20 minutes.

“I just put on a pair of gloves and dunked my hand in to take the snake. Carpet pythons are very common in Queensland,” Lalor said.

Lalor also mentioned that it wasn’t common to find snakes in toilets, with only two or three incidents every season.

“People think pythons always want to be in the sun but they can also overheat and need to find ways to cool down.”

Snakes will often slither into homes through open drains and unsecured pipes common in older designed homes such as the family home Lalor attended.

Carpet pythons are the most commonly caught non-venomous snaked in Queensland. However, their bites leave a substantial laceration and will cause a fair bit of bleeding.

The snakes can grow up to more than three metres in length, according to the Queensland Museum.

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