Man Proposed To Girlfriend By Hiding Ring ‘In His Penis’

A woman shared her proposal story.

In the that’s it, I’m wedding shaming Facebook group, someone posted a screenshot of a woman’s engagement announcement alongside a photo of her ring.

But it’s the caption which has caught people’s attention.

After some research, this Instagram post was posted back in 2015, and that the caption has since been changed to a simple “Je t’aime”. The couple have since got married and are living a very happy life together.

“Where was it? If it was ON his body, then this is going to be a very unsatisfying marriage.”

“If it was IN his body, I’d get that ring cleaned before taking photos.”

“I’m really confused. Is he uncut with a foreskin the size of Canada that he fit a ring inside? Did he put the ring around his penis? I MUST KNOW.”

“In his hole? But now as I was scrolling by and saw it again I realized she probably touched his penis through his pants and felt it?”

Some people are suggesting that the ring was just hidden in the man’s pants, rather than actually in or on his penis.

“And unzipped his pants and found the ring box?”

“She said pulled OUT, not OFF. So I’ll take it that in the process of getting his under clothes off, she felt the ring and pulled it out.”

Metro reached out to the woman on the receiving end of the proposal and she explained that the ring was not inside his penis as implied, but was instead in a box inside his underwear.

“We actually got married in Las Vegas four years ago and got cheap rings. When we got back to Montreal I had no clue he already had a gorgeous diamond ring.”

“He put in his boxers in a box and made a joke and said: ‘wanna blow me?’ So as I put my hand on his penis I felt the box and laughed so hard cause I didn’t even know he got me that gorgeous ring. Obviously after that we got down to business. ‘[It was] in a box in his boxers.'”

The woman, who’d prefer to remain anonymous, says her sense of humor tends to be ‘raw’ and she loves to shock people, so she’d write about blow jobs in the caption of an Instagram photo.

When asked if she finds it strange that people are talking about her proposal years later, she responds: “hahahahaha yes.”

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