Man Robs Woman At ATM, Returns Money After Seeing Her Bank Balance

A robber has received praise online for his chivalry after giving the money he stole back to his victim after checking out her bank account.

One night last month in the Guangdong city of Heyuan, China, a man with a knife walked towards a woman, who was withdrawing cash from an ATM inside ICBC bank.

Here’s the surveillance camera footage:

The terrified woman, Li, handed over the 2,500 yuan that she just got out but the robber asked for more and demanded to see her balance on the ATM. However, after seeing that she had no more money in her bank account, the robber handed Li back the money with a smile before leaving.

Although the robber’s gesture seems honorable, his kindness did not save him from the police who later took him into custody.

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