People Are Amazed By Anatomical Model Of Milk Ducts

The photo is based on milk ducts that were retrieved from cadavers in the 1800’s, injected with wax, and arranged in a circle. The standard model of the breast was based on anatomical dissections carried out on cadavers by Sir Astley Cooper in 1840.

Many wrote how creeped out they were by the glands.

Others were fascinated by the photo, calling the ducts ‘beautiful’ for their design that mirrors flowers.

Spiral Harbor Doula Service & Mighty Milk Lactation Clinic wrote that the flower glands is based on work 160 years ago, and isn’t representative.

They actually look like this:

Most of us have less milk ducts than this, although originally it is thought we had 22 ducts. Now we know it is around 9; some have more, some less. This makes a massive difference to those who are considering things like breast surgery. Milk ducts are not arranged in a pretty flower shape, they are more like the intertwined roots of a tree. And they can even be up under your armpit! This is important because when chest/breastfeeding, it matters that we know we can get blocked ducts up under our armpit and therefore treat them.

Our bodies are amazing. We don’t need to have them prettied up like flowers.

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