Finally Someone Has Invented A Head Hammock So You Could Fall Asleep On Those Long Rides

Like most of us do you suffer from getting no sleep while travelling ?
Paula Blankenship has come up with a solution for all our problems !

After many sleepless trips, Paula decided it was enough and she created the NodPod – a head hammock that recreates the way you sleep in bed,
with your head at a 90-degree angle but in an upright position.
The cord is designed so that is doesn’t cover the TV screen for the passenger behind you on a plane.

If your travelling by plane, by bus, by train or car it’s time to say goodbye to those sleepless trips and neck pain and not forgetting awkwardly waking up on your fellow passenger.

You can pre-order the NodPod now for $25 on  Kickstarter.

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