Man Got Seated On A Flight Next To A Stranger And Things Got Really Weird

You spend your whole life telling yourself that you’re special and unique and there is no one else like you in this world and no one looks like you.

In some countries they believe that each person has 40 twins around the world.

For this guy he got to meet one of them.

That’s what happened to these two strangers when they ended up sitting next to each other on a flight.

They’re basically twins.


They guy on the left who is named Rob said.

“I was actually supposed to be in a different seat but a couple had been split up so I offered to change. Before I know it I’m sat next to a guy that looks exactly like me.

It gets even weirder we both went to Galway and were staying in the same hotel. Later on that night I was out drinking and we ended up being in the same bar. It’s all very random.”

Rob was asked who he thought was better looking and he settled on “we’re the same”

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