Teen Jailed After Buying PS4 For $10 By Scanning It As Fruit At Self-Checkout, Twice

A French teenager has been jailed after buying a PlayStation 4 for under $10 by weighing it as if the games console was a huge bag of fruit.

19-year-old man Adel, picked the device off the shelf and took it to the fruit section and weighed it. He then put a sticker with the price tag on the console and went to the self-checkout at a supermarket in Montbeliard, eastern France.

A new PlayStation 4 is usually around $384.

Adel then sold the PlayStation for $113 in order to pay for a train ticket to his home town of Nice. French newspaper L’est Republicain reports.

He would have gotten away with it if he had not returned to the same shop the next day to try and carry out the scam again. He was arrested by police and charged with theft, but did not appear in court for the hearing.

Adel was sentenced to 4 months in prison.

According to the locals, that story goes viral so everyone try it in the supermarkets and the securities have to stand guard at the self-checkout.

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