The Simpsons Have Predicted The 2018 World Cup Final Win

As one of the longest TV series 29 seasons and counting.

The Simpsons has a brilliant record of predicting the future.

Some people might call it a gift while others would call it a curse.

As they have correctly told us about the outbreak of Ebola, the horsemeat scandal and the discovery of the Higgs boson equation.

They even correctly guessed Donald Trump would one day become the President of the United States of America back in the year 2002 !

It seems that the show may have inadvertently predicted the two teams to play in the finals of the FIFA World Cup on July 15 2018.

It all goes back to an episode dating all the way back to 1997 Mexico and Portugal fans are convinced they’ll be the final two teams to duke it out for the coveted FIFA World Cup Trophy.

Its in the fifth episode from season nine, The Cartridge Family, a match to determine which nation is the greatest on earth its played out between Mexico and Portugal.

According to Portuguese newspaper:

“Although there is no clear indication of what year the match takes places in, one detail has led viewers to believe that it’s the 2018 World Cup final.

There seems to be a reference to the scandal that recently plagued the Mexican team who allegedly partied with several women before the beginning of the tournament.”

The final might just be possible following Portugal’s dramatic draw with Iran on Monday (June 25) which saw them finish second in Group B behind 2010 World Cup winners Spain. It places them in the top half of the draw for the knockout stages.

Meanwhile, Mexico sits pretty at the top of Group F as they go into their final group game, against Sweden (K.O 15:00 BST June 27), having already qualified. If they win it means they remain top of the group and cannot meet Portugal until the final, according to the BBC.

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