Woman Tries To Eat Octopus Alive, Screams In Pain As Octopus Won’t Let Go

A blogger known as ‘seaside girl Little Seven’ on popular short-video platform Kuaishou.

She cried ‘I’ll eat it in the next video’ after being wounded.

Kuaishou is backed by Tencent, it’s widely criticised as a platform that poor people living in rural area livestream self-hurt or abusive videos to gain reward from viewers.

To be popular on Kuaishow, hosts regularly put their live at risk, e.g. swallowing live insects, reptiles, seafood or even sand and lightbulbs.

Some abuse children and animals for reward.

In February 2019, a 28 years old live-streamer called Hao jumped into the river, cracked his skull and drowned in front of the camera, local media reports.

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