You Can Get Paid $1,000 To Binge-Watch Horror Movies On Halloween

Cable TV and High Speed Internet are looking for one person to binge-watch horror movies on Halloween night for $1,000.

The selected candidate is required to stream horror movies of their choice for 24 hours and live-tweet throughout the movie marathon.

The contest description page reads:

We want a self-starter because you get to decide what to watch. Also, 24 hours is only 1,440 minutes, and most movies are only 90–120 minutes. That’s only 12–16 movies. So real-deal horror dorks, who fantasize daily about curating a horror film marathon, will need time to pare down their lineups.

To get through the night, the candidate will receive Halloween candy and a $50 Starbucks gift card for caffeinated beverages.

For those interested, there are a few base qualifications to apply. The site reads:

The sick-cessful candidate is a self-starter with an insatiable lust for nightmare fuel. When others say ‘Nope,’ you say, ‘Hell, yeah.’ You can stay up all night. You’re a US citizen over the age of 18.

After meeting the above qualifications, horror fans applying must also submit a 100-word entry explaining why they would be the perfect candidate for this job.

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