You Can Now Send Your Enemies A Bag Of Gummy Dicks Anonymously

Are you looking for a great gift for your friends?

Well now you can send them a bag of dicks!

I’m sure by now you already have someone in mind, you know he one annoying guy at the office. Your Ex who decided to see other people before telling you. The Teacher that doesn’t care about your dead grandma. The person that murdered your grandma.

The bag of dicks was created to put a smile on peoples faces. It’s not meant to be a threat or a way to bully people. If you are sending this with the intent to ruin someones day, then maybe its you who actually needs to eat a bag of dicks.

Containing a 5 oz. bag of gummy penis candies.

The Canadian founder, under alias of Dick Richards had a hard time finding high-quality dicks and the proper domain, it screwed up his search history for a long time to come.

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