Best 16 Marvel And DC Characters’ Daily Lives After Retirement, As Illustrated By This Artist

Did you ever wonder what would superheroes look like when they grow old and retire and live a normal life just like us?

Lesya Guseva, a Perm-based Russian artist has created for us a series of illustrations called “Pensioners” where she portayed some of the superhero characters from Marvel and DC finally taking their well-deserved rest and just enjoying their normal lives as elderly people.

1. Spider-Man

2. Superman (ft. Pocahontas)

3. Captain America (ft.Snow White)

4. Flash

5. Thor

6. Supergirl and Wonder Woman

7. Loki, Black Widow and Hulk

8. Batman

9. Deadpool

10. Joker

11. Doctor Strange (ft. Genie)

12. Harley Quinn

13. Iron-Man

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