Google Maps Causes A Couple To Divorce After Husband Spots Wife Cuddling With Another Man

Google Maps has caused a divorce, after a husband discovered his wife in intimate photos with another man online.

Originally, the man was trying to plan the best way to complete his journey to get a popular bridge. But then he saw his wife on a bench stroking the hair of another man – with his head in her lap on Google Street View.

While the pictures were taken in 2013 in Peru, the stunned husband recently noticed the pictures, which appeared to show the woman wearing the same clothes his wife owned.

So he zoomed in on the image and realized it was in fact his wife.

Despite the photo dating back to 2013, he angrily confronted his wife over her past infidelity.

The couple divorced after the woman admitted to having had an affair.

The photos were taken by a Google camera car in Lima, the capital of Peru. Ironically, the woman was photographed with her lover on a bench by Lima’s Puente de los Suspiros de Barranco, or Bridge of Sighs of the Ravine.

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