Motorcycle Racer Faces Lifetime Ban After Grabbing Rival’s Brake At 140MPH

Romano Fenati was fired by his Marinelli Snipers team after he grabbed rival racer Stefano Manzi’s brake lever during a Moto2 race in San Marino, Italy.

His team made the firing announcement:

We can communicate that the Marinelli Snipers Team shall terminate the contract with the rider Romano Fenati, from now on, for his unsporting, dangerous and damaging conduct for the image of all. With extreme regret, we have to note that his irresponsible act endangered the life of another rider and can’t be apologised for in any way. The rider, from this moment, will not participate in any more races with the Marinelli Snipers team.

He published a statement apologizing for his action, calling it “a disgraceful gesture” and stating that he’s “always been a just rider” and has “never put someone else’s life in jeopardy.”

But longtime motorcycle racing fans will remember instances where Fenati punched and kicked at fellow racers at speed.

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