Old Man Takes His Deceased Wife’s Photo To The Beach Every Day To Keep Him Company

This Italian pensioner who has gone viral for taking his head wife’s photo to the beach every day with him, has spoken out for the first time since becoming a romantic icon for the world.

Giuseppe Giordano, 70, lost his wife Ida seven years ago, and since then, he has brought a framed photo of her along with him for his daily visits to the seafront in their hometown of Gaeta.

Giuseppe said:

I bring Ida’s photo because in that way I feel her in my life and I don’t feel so alone.I like going to the sea every day because it brings back all my memories. I am very surprised by the love and admiration of people online since hearing my story.

The simple things are the real things, and the ones that last over time. I didn’t want to inspire anyone, I just didn’t want to stay alone. My wife was everything to me.

The younger generations do not hold onto love as we used to. I belong to a generation where love and feelings meant everything.

He visits the beach because it used to be a place where the couple, who had been together more than 50 years, would go when they were young. He goes to the sea each morning, before having lunch with his son and in the afternoon taking a nap with his precious photo of his wife.

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