Planes Drop Thousands Of Kilograms Of Carrots And Potatoes For Starving Animals

The rock wallaby was already considered an ‘at risk’ species before the bushfires as a result of habitat destruction.

Meanwhile, Animals Australia has been hard at work using aircraft to transport food supplies for wildlife that are burnt and injured from the fires in Victoria.

The charity has been using donations from the public to lease small planes, which they’ve filled with bags of grain and pellets to give out to wildlife in the region through ‘Vets for Compassion’.

Animals Australia spokeswoman Lyn White said they’re trying to ensure the surviving wildlife doesn’t die from lack of food.

She said:

With roads likely shut for weeks, the risk of starvation for surviving wildlife in the area is very real.

It would be tragic if there was a further loss of life because the needs of surviving animals was not being met.

You can donate to Animals Australia here and save an animals life.

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