Samsung Brilliantly Trolls Apple’s New iPhone X With Absolutely Savage Advert

Personally I’m an iPhone owner, but that doesn’t mean I’m a staunch supporter of Apple products.

Apple was recently valued at over $900 billion not that bad.


Over the years Apple and Samsung have built up quite the tech rivalry, with two super companies becoming embroiled in countless battles over the years for mobile phone supremacy.

Samsung has made fun of Apple products in several if not most of its adverts before, but its latest offering, poking fun at the new iPhone X, might just be the most savage one yet from Samsung.

Whoever came up with the idea of this deserves a medal.

The debate between Samsung and Apple will continue to rage on for years to come, although with many people already managing to smash their new iPhone X from just one drop its not looking that good for Apple.


It’s definitely a funny move from Samsung towards Apple, but haven’t their phones been in the news for bursting into flames and banned on planes ?

They’re both as bad as each other, if you ask me.

But the war between them is fun to watch…

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