TEST: This Maths Equation Is Breaking The Internet. People Can’t Figure Out The Right Solution

TEST: This Maths Equation Is Breaking The Internet. People Can't Figure Out The Right Solution

Even though most of us by just hearing the word “mathematics” gives them a headache, there shouldn’t be a problem with solving simple mathematics equations right?
Well, for some of us this is really hard and for you geniuses our there this is a piece of cake.

Only one answer is correct !

Before trying to solve this maths problem, we suggest that you take a deep breath.
This is just a simple mathematics equation.

This simple problem has created some differences on social media, but go ahead give yourself a chance to solve this challenge:

6 ÷ 2(1+2) =?

Ok before you start to think that you have solved it most of the people who tried got an answer of 9 or 1,as well some went with 0, 3 and even 6.

If you are one of them well you are very wrong.

The answer 9 and 1 were a result of how people end up solving the equation.
There can only be one answer.

If you want to know the answer and correct way to solve this
MindYourDecisions is a YouTube channel and it has given us the explanation why did this maths problem go viral.

Don’t worry if your answer was not correct !

On our everyday life we only use simple mathematics well most of us.

We always have Google to answer all of our questions anyway.

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