This Dude Accidentally Sent His D*ick Pics To His Entire Class Group Chat

I get to class and my dumbass phone is still UNLOCKED and on the classes group chat…whole time I’m grabbing papers from the front to take to my sent to get settled. I sit down in my seat & look at my phone. My heart LITERALLY fell to my ass when I realized I’d just sent 2

FULL ASS DICK PICS to the mf chat. My heart stopped for a second.. I looked up & the other gay guy in the class goes “okkaaaayyy” loud asf. I was in total disbelief. So I sat there panicking trying to figure out a way to delete it, while everyone in the class opened to see

my dick pics were stuck in the group chat for the rest of the semester since you can’t delete selective messages & only the creator could delete the entire chat. He was a pussy & wouldn’t.

Well buddy all we can say is you made a dick move, best advice is you just need to step up and apologize, and maybe they won’t be so hard on you.

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