This Is How Much It Costs To Buy Everyday Items In Venezuela

A roll of toilet paper 2,600,000 Bolivars

With a 3,000% rise in the minimum wage and inflation set to reach 1,000,000 % by the end of the year, chances are that the pictures are already out of date. The country is undergoing huge reforms in a bid to rescue the economy, including a new currency that chops five zeros off notes.

A 2.4 kg chicken 14,600,000 Bolivars – about $2.5

Banks will close as they prepare to release the ‘sovereign bolivar,’ the new currency printed with five fewer zeroes in a bid to tame soaring inflation.

Venezuela was once among Latin America’s most prosperous nations, holding the world’s largest proven oil reserves, but a recent fall in oil prices accompanied by corruption and mismanagement under two decades of socialist rule have left the economy in a historic economic and political crisis.

A package of nappies 8,000,000 Bolivars

Cheese 7500,000 Bolivars

A kilogram of tomatoes 5,000,000 Bolivars

A kilogram of carrots 3,000,000 Bolivars

A kilogram of meat 9,500,000 Bolivars

A bar of soap 3,500,000 Bolivars

Pads 3,500,000 Bolivars

Pasta 2,500,000 Bolivars

A package of 1kg of rice 2,500,000 Bolivars

A container of 500gr of margarine 3,000,000 Bolivars

A pack of corn flour 3,000,000 Bolivars


To all the people of Venezuela we wish that things turn out better for you soon.

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