This Student Was Rushed To Hospital After Crying Too Hard During Endgame Premiere

Xiao Li, a 21-year-old college student from Ningbo, China was sent to hospital after the midnight premiere of Endgame.

Local media reported that she cried so much that she started to feel chest pain and struggled to breathe. She was hit by muscle spasms in her arms and legs before getting into the ambulance.

Doctors at Ningbo Mingzhou Hospital had to put an oxygen mask on her to ease her hyperventilation. Xiao Li has been released from the hospital shortly after.

Marvel fans users commented:

sister, you’re so into it.

She must be reacting that way after she watched that scene. Because after that scene, I also wanted to cry.

Me too. After the ending credit, a staff came to ask if i’m ok.

Non-Marvel fans and baby boomers who have no knowledge about the franchise call her insane though.

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