Time Traveller Claims That He Took This Picture In The Year 6000 While Having Proof

Time Traveller Claims That He Took This Picture In The Year 6000 While Having Proof

This is going to be one of these stories that insult your intelligence, but lets give this guy a chance.

This time traveller, who claims he is from the year 6000, has a lot of information that he wants us to know and to believe and if you don’t believe him he’s ready to put his money where his mouth is because he has proof that he’s from the year 6000.

The unknown man and unnamed has claimed that in the year 6000 they have found a cure for cancer and the people in the year 6000 are governed by Artificial Intelligence.

If you have ever watched a movie about time travelling such as Back To The Future, you should know that there is a number one rule and its not to mess about with anything, in case you upset the time-space continuum.

As well who is this ‘they’ that they’re speaking off ? Is it the same ‘they’ that they are constantly referring too in movies and time travel documentaries ?

In the interview with the unknown man he claims that AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the human race are on the verge of merging to becoming one superior being.

Later on in the interview, he claims he was not alone in the year 6000 he says that he had someone with him while sent into the year 6000 and gets very emotional about it while not naming the person who he left behind in the year 6000.

The only evidence he has comes in the form of a printed picture of an unknown ‘Futuristic City’ the photo is so blurry you would have a very hard time making anything out and buying any of it.

The reason for the blurry image and poor copy is due to when traveling in the time machine things can end up getting distorted.

Well lets just say that the most gullible person in the world can see this is a hoax, however I have to applaud this man’s conviction because it nearly makes his story believable.

It’s good to know that Donald Trump hasn’t destroyed the world with his nuclear warfare.

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